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TTBanca – Funding & Pricing solution for the banking industry.

Increases Turnover

(Online simulation)


Funding & Costing Solution

(A solution at the core of your business)


Reduces Operational Risks

(Complies with your company’s safety policies)


TTBanca is an application that increases turnover and reduces the operational risk of banks and financial institutions.


  • Automates pricing and spread generation processes using the TTBanca Pricing Module.
  • Automates funding cost management and control processes using the Funding TTBanca Module.

Main Benefits:

  • Increases uptimes for money market analysts, management control analysts, business intelligence analysts and business executives.
  • Improves information processing times.
  • Increases the efficiency of those in charge or generating funding costs.
  • Reduces operational risks by standardizing calculation methods.
  • Allows for simple history rebuilding.
  • Increases safety and streamlines information transfers.
  • Allows for information backup.
  • TTBanca solution builds into the bank’s safety standards.
  • TTBanca builds into existing bank COREs.

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