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About Miro


TTBanca is an application aimed at increasing turnover and reducing the operational risk of banks and financial institutions by organizing pricing, funding and management control processes. Read more.

A parametric system that manages customer loyalty software linking points to a specific user-defined benefit that can be redeemed by the final customer under previously agreed conditions. Read more.


Custom-built software solution to suit your specific needs, either to obtain a competitive advantage, to support part of a process or when markets lack a standard solution. Adequate cost, speed and service capability. Read more.

Business intelligence techniques aim at closing the gap between data and information. To draw conclusions from such huge amounts of data, Miró provides easy access to data reading and revision and dynamic reporting, helping decision-makers identify data patterns. Read more.

Miró provides support in specific tasks that require expert knowledge, including expert technical consultancy (technical know-how, diagnostic and solution capabilities) and process arrangement advice (corporate finance area). Read more.


The integration of all processes in a single system and profile management of different users on the same platform considerably reduced our processing times and mitigated operational risks.

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